2009 Teva Mountain Games – Vail, CO

June 18, 2009

Being awarded the head photographer position for the 2009 Teva Mountain Games was a small victory for me. I have photographed the event for the last few years, while working at the Vail Daily Newspaper.  Since I have gone freelance, I have wanted to photograph it for the organizers. I’ve really wanted to take advantage of the games for all the mountain spirit and intense emotion that it offers. The Teva Mountain Games attracts some of the best adventure athletes in the world!

The Vail Valley Foundation, as the new owners of the TMG”S, did a wonderful job of increasing the efficiency of the games this year.  I hired Preston Utley and Bret Hartman to assist for me, on this tightly woven journey of events that spanned four days. The following is a slide show of the images I produced over that time period.

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