In addition to being a Vail wedding photographer, I shoot a lot of editorial work. Recently, the kind folks over at Peeples, Inc., hired me to take portraits of head chef at Bivans Restaurant, Reese Hay. The photograph is to be published in Food and Wine Magazine.  Bivans is part of the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek, CO. It’s getting a huge facelift; offering a brighter, more open area to dine in. However, being that construction is not completed yet, we had to use little bits and pieces of the restaurant to get a clean background in the shots. At times I even had to shout to Reese, over the noise of the generator, when he was standing only eight feet away. Here are a few photos from the shoot. Good luck to Reese and everyone at the Bivans!



Good call on staying with the natural light. Doesn’t look overworked, but still totally pops. Keep it up kid.

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