Ski Photography?

I’ve never really given ski or snowboard photography a lot of effort. I guess I have never really been strongly attracted to it. Being a photographer here in Vail for the last five years, I’ve focused strongly on photojournalism instead. From time to time I was given a chance to do some mountain features, but nothing set up. I’ve never used any killer ski models, just random people. So this year I have decided to finally give this sort of photography a shot…… besides the creative direction of action sports photography seems to be skipping in my direction. Nowadays it can be more moody, well lit with strobes, etc. Heck! I just grabbed my new PDN in the mail and on the cover there is a snowboarder all lit up at night slashing the top of a halfpipe! Anyway, this all has me amped up a bit. Here are a few photos of Matt a tele skier on Vail Mountain today. Remember, baby steps.

Powerday at Vail Mountain. They opened Northwoods and Prema

Vail Mountain

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  • Chris

    on December 5, 2008  3:37 pm

    Whoa that's some powder! Love the second photo where the guy is very buried. :)

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  • Talamna

    on April 16, 2009  3:18 pm

    Nice work! I’ll have to do a cross post on this one ;)

  • Taddea

    on April 30, 2009  9:05 pm


  • Mella

    on July 15, 2009  3:06 am

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  • kavkaz

    on July 20, 2009  2:22 am

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  • Jenny

    on September 8, 2009  12:57 am

    This makes me want to start my own blog.

  • Rogelio

    on September 12, 2009  7:33 pm

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