I usually don’t blog much about the events I shoot up here in the Vail Valley. Unless you are going participate in the marketing meeting, where my images zoom by during a power point presentation making all the bosses aware of how and why money was spent, you wouldn’t really care to see many of them. However, last weekend The New Yorker rolled into Beaver Creek with some great talent!

Friday night at the Vilar Performing Arts Center, Chuck Mangione played his first performance since the tragic and sudden death of two band members he has played with for years. Coleman Mellett, guitarist, and Garry Niewood, sax player, both died in Centennial flight 3407 that crashed into a home in Buffalo, NY on Feb 13, 2009. They were on their way to a show with the Buffalo Philharmonic that night.

At one point during the first song Chuck held his trumpet tight as if he was thinking of them. Chuck and his band played a fantastic show.

Saturday night came something a bit different. Martin Short gave a knockout performance, featuring some of his old characters from SNL and a ton of great/funny stories from the past.


The victims of 3407 were kind people with hopes and dreams. None deserved to die at the hands of malicious bureaucrats. We call upon the President, USDOT Secretary LaHood, and Congress to immediately remove Lynne Osmus and Hank Krakowski from FAA and all other government work. We call upon the President, USDOT Secretary LaHood, and Congress to give FAA the top-to-bottom clean-out of other FAA personnel recommended by Congressman Oberstar last year before Flight #3407 ever happened. If the clean-out of FAA had happened already, the crash of Flight #3407 may not have happened. Finally, we want a Congressional investigation into the circumstances of the departure by NTSB Member Steven R. Chealander, which occurred but a week after he commenced work on the Flight #3407 crash. We want answers, justice, and a new FAA. Photos and biographies of the victims can be found at:

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