Brooke & Kuz Engagement ~ Cordillera Summit Course, CO

Well after booking and rescheduling about four times with Brooke and Kuz due to Colorado’s Spring monsoon season. : )  We finally hit the nail on the head with clear skies and complimentary storm clouds off in the distance. The three of us had a ton of fun bouncing around to different locations on Cordillera’s Summit Course into the twilight hours. Brooke and Kuz will be getting married at Cordillera’s Timber Hearth location this October and I can’t wait for the wedding!

Here are a few of my best pics.

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  • Nate

    on July 13, 2009  4:31 pm

    Great images, you hit the light perfectly. Keep on sharing!

  • Preston Utley

    on July 13, 2009  7:29 pm

    Nice variety Shane I love the first photo...I didn't see it when you showed me the rough edit...I love the light and the overall mood of it has very classic feel to it. Nice work as always.

  • Austin Richardson

    on July 18, 2009  2:29 pm

    I like the backlit effect on the photos toward the end.
    That barbed wire is a nice touch, as well.
    The "big" shot in the beginning could be one of your signature shots. Did you compress that one with a long lens?