Jordan and Jeff’s relationship started while they were in high school back in Iowa. It has been a long adventure since then, that has landed them both in Vail, Colorado. They will be married in Iowa next year in the same church that Jordan’s mom was married in; which I think is really, really cool!

After canceling twice, due to the stormy fall we are having here in the high country, we finally hit the right day. And Kinnick, their dog, ran around Eagle-Vail and Vail Village with us for most of the day. 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites.


Shane, nice set of images. I am digging the silhouette and the last one with the light. Nice work.

Jordo I am in love with the pictures. The two of you look so happy and what can I say Kinnick makes the photos just pop : ) All kidding aside my fav is the second to last, but I love corny.

Shane we LOVE the pictures and our family couldn’t stop talking about them all weekend in Iowa! Thanks so much for making it a really fun day!

I also really like the shot through the aspens…and the tight shot on the 3rd photo is nice. His smile makes that frame really special.

Nice work. I like that shot through the aspens and using the bus wall for a background is something I haven’t seen done yet it. Looks like quite the engagement session!

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