I felt extremely lucky to photograph Natalie & Kelly’s engagement pictures in Houston, Texas a few weeks ago….. and I absolutely cannot wait for their Baton Rouge wedding next year. Kelly is a landscape architect, so we stopped by the Buffalo Bayou Park, which Kelly’s Company helped redesign. It’s also the place Kelly asked Natalie to marry him.

After catching the last bit of light from the Houston skies at Hermann Park, we sat down to dinner and talked about their wedding photography. I was referred to them by one of my favorite clients from a few years ago.  It was no surprise to me that Kelly, Natalie and I hit it off immediately, as good people tend to know to more good people.

Here are a few of my favorite images.


Shane I was perusing the internet and stumbled upon the blog! Love it! It was awesome to meet you and can’t wait for April. Everyone loves our engagement pictures – including me – if there was a stronger word then love I would use it. Your talent is immeasurable and we are so lucky to have you portray the most important time in our lives together. See you in 3 months!

SHANE! I met you on the plane on the way from Houston to Seattle. I was being nosy pretending to sleep while I watched you edit these photos. I went to your website when I got to Vancouver, but after I looked through some friend’s wedding photos tonight I thought I’d see if you had any updates! Your work is AMAZING and I’m fixin on finding a husband so I have a legit reason to hire your talent. (haha, jk) Anyway it was a pleasure meeting you! Look forward to seeing more updates on your page!

gorgeous. perfectly them. i can hear natalie laughing in the third one. love the black and white walking down the street… and neon night dog walking.

Nice I like the second to last one…the nightly stroll. looks like a real moment. like something this couple does every night…takes the dog for a walk.

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