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  • Preston

    on March 5, 2012  11:04 am

    That last shot is killer!

  • Mary Ann Zuber

    on March 5, 2012  11:40 am

    Great Pics Shane!!!

  • Carrie

    on March 5, 2012  11:49 am

    Love them ALL! Especially the yellow doorway, and the last one. :) Amazing as usual!

  • Lindsay Pierce

    on March 5, 2012  1:04 pm

    Wow, that first...and that last!!!! You are incredible.

  • Kim Simmons

    on March 5, 2012  9:26 pm

    Wow Shane! The last one....AWESOME!

  • Erik

    on March 7, 2012  7:14 pm

    Awesome photography! All of them are amazing! Not to repeat what was already said, but I too love the one with the yellow doorway - great job!!

  • Godwell and Rue

    on April 20, 2012  3:44 pm

    You did an amazing job Shane! Not only do the pictures look great- we had an absolute fabulous time with you that day. And everyone we have shown the pictures- loves them! I am still amazed at how all the different venues came together. Great locations. Great pics all around! Thanks once again!