Recently, I….Uncle Shane returned home to visit my sister’s baby Sierra. I’m originally from a small town in upstate NY about halfway between Syracuse and Rochester named Palmyra. I always try to get home a bunch, but when you’re so far away it’s just hard to keep up with a growing baby.
The last time I saw Sierra she was only a five weeks old with a loosy goosey bobble head. ☺ Now look at her! She is a total wiggle worm. Stacy and Mark have to put up a 75-foot plastic baby gate just to try and contain her (maybe not 75-feet☺).
Sierra is truly a gift; she has all the innocent qualities a baby should have. Well at least right now. We’ll see how I feel when she is dripping Popsicle all over me.
With all sincerity, I fell in love with Sierra the moment I saw her and I’m so happy she’s my niece.


What an awesome tribute Shane! You have captured some really beautiful shots!

Adorable! Love the last one;)

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