For about the last two years I have been telling my fiancé Lindsay that if she ever wanted to learn the way of the camera, she would make a wonderful photographer. She knows what she likes or dislikes about an image and can quickly tell you why. She is not easily impressed and, next to Preston, she’s the first person I go to for a critique. All in all, she’s not too bad for a nurse. : )

So, being that I’m in the middle of a massive website overhaul with a new logo, new images, new layout and updated biography, I finally found the perfect first assignment for Lindsay. I needed a new bio picture of me. I’m not sure if anyone has seen my last bio pic, but it doesn’t really tell much about me – I know because I took the photo. This time around I wanted to get a little more of me in the shot.

We arrived to our location and I set the proper exposure for Lindsay. I don’t think it’s wise to use a camera on anything but manual. We moved to a few different locations and she did the rest. I made a point to not say anything and just let her try and work it out. The image below is one of many that turned out well.

I’m obviously very proud. We don’t really have a goal of being one of those husband wife photo teams that work together. However, I wouldn’t mind that a bit. I do think Lindsay has something creative to say and photography might just be the right language for her.

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