Negril, Jamaica

Back in April I traveled to Jamaica to photograph Sean & Jinger’s wedding. Being in the middle of the wedding season and super busy, I finally made the time to go though a few personal images I took one afternoon while in Negril.

Downtown Negril.

I spent some time in a small fishing community.

I’m not really sure which one of the following three images works so I just put all three in. I you know let me know what you think.

The taxi turnaround

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  • Jenny

    on July 27, 2009  5:01 pm

    I like the first fishing photo or the 3rd the best. There are five people I can see in the first photo which is awesome and i like the yellow on both sides of the photo. :) nice job!

  • Karmen

    on July 28, 2009  7:37 am

    Shane...loving these real-life images. The boats, canal + housing...nice showcase. Always inspiring;)