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  • dee dee

    on July 29, 2014  8:30 am

    perfectly captured... i'm not at all surprised! you are wonderful.

  • Preston

    on July 29, 2014  8:48 am

    Gorgeous stuff. Did you get a shot of the mountains though?

  • Rachel Havel

    on July 29, 2014  12:29 pm

    Beautiful Shane! Love the rings through the door.

  • Ariane

    on July 29, 2014  1:13 pm

    So lovely! So sorry I was not there. Stay just the way you are.

  • Simply Grand Weddings

    on July 29, 2014  2:54 pm

    The more I look at these (and I've looked through them at least 19 times today), the more I love them. So proud to have been the wedding planner that got to work with such a sweet couple and such an AMAZING photographer!!! I love that you got Creasie-Bear's(the dog) exuberance and the sweet little Constance's(flower girl) quiet grace.

  • Patty Cloeren

    on July 29, 2014  3:47 pm

    Absolutely Beautiful - You captured the memories that will last a life time!