This past Saturday I had the privilege of photographing a wedding fueled by love. Chris and Amanda were married in Denver at the church they attend every Sunday, by the minister they listen to each week, and were cheered on by a few of their church going friends. The pasta salad and appetizers were prepared by another friend of the couple and Amanda’s dad was the DJ. I was able return a huge favor to Chris for building my current website, which I love. I now have full control over it, as far as re-arranging and uploading images! This is huge for a photog!

Chris and I met on Craigs list and worked out a trade of website design for wedding and engagement pictures. Chris can be found at <> and I would recommend him to anyone. Over the past few months I have gotten to know Chris and it was very exciting for me to meet his family, friends, and to be a part of his big day. Amanda and Chris share a unique style all their own. They share an amazing amount of support and respect from their families….. who were all happy to see them tie the knot after dating for six years!

Congratulation’s!!! Here are a few pic’s


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