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  • tim king

    on January 9, 2014  9:58 am

    DUDE! Again and again and again - amazing photo one after another. As I'm scrolling through, I'm trying to think of my favorite...and it kept changing. Although, I have to say that the bird's eye of the canoe and her hand subtley touching the water really struck a chord with me. So impressive, and very inspirational work man.

    • shane

      on January 9, 2014  10:59 am

      Cheers Tim! I hope to see you soon man.

  • Barbie

    on January 9, 2014  11:04 am

    SHANE!! You are amazingly talented!! These couples are so very lucky to have you document their love!! Nice work & I can't wait to see the 2014 highlight ALREADY! ;0)

  • Ryan Weeger

    on January 9, 2014  5:57 pm

    Such impeccable stuff Shane, incredible, each photo. Great 2013 you had man, you are really talented.

  • Jason

    on January 9, 2014  8:51 pm

    Shane, your talent is breathtaking. Several moment photos there that are just on a whole different level. You're an inspiration.

  • Jenny B.

    on January 19, 2014  5:16 pm

    You are just so ridiculously good. Every time I look at your work is like an event--thanks for being so inspiring!

  • Brandon

    on January 25, 2014  2:57 pm

    So many great moments! Good work :)