Lindsay and Steve’s wedding sneak peek ~ Kansas City

Lindsay and Steve were married just over a week ago in Kansas City. While driving west for their honeymoon adventure they stopped to have a cup of coffee with me here in the Vail Valley. I told Lindsay who is also a professional photographer I would post an image from their wedding day for her and her mom.

The rest are soon to come. : )

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  • Sally Morrow Gomez

    on October 5, 2009  3:40 pm


    Looks nice. Thanks for the sneak peak. You did an amazing job - and what a long day! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest.

    P.S. Call me if you ever need an assistant. :)

  • Karen Grover

    on October 5, 2009  3:46 pm

    Thanks Shane. Love the photo. I was yearning for a peek. We all loved having you in KC. Looking forward to the rest.

  • Jenny Nelson

    on October 5, 2009  6:48 pm

    shane if this is any indication the rest are going to be awesome! you are lucky, ive been waiting for a bride that styley who picks a birdcage veil!

  • Mychal Werner

    on October 6, 2009  2:28 pm

    These are going to be beautiful - and I cant wait to see the photo booth :)

  • Sherry Cossyphas

    on October 7, 2009  3:22 am

    Shane, This is magic and we all expect the rest will be also. I enjoyed watching you work. Thanks for being such a thoughtful houseguest!

  • Andrea Koskey

    on October 7, 2009  2:22 pm

    Wow Shane this is beautiful. I cant wait to see the rest!