Lindsay and Steve were described to me in a variety of ways on their wedding day. The most common, and what seemed to be the most fitting, is that they are “such a humble and deserving couple”. I could not have asked for better clients. They let me do whatever I wanted. They are madly in love, very comfortable with whom they are, and both love photography. They also have an incredible support system and are surrounded by an amazing group of people.

Lindsay is a professional photojournalist, so I must admit I was a little nervous walking into this one. But all it meant was that Steve and Lindsay understood that all they had to do was be themselves and enjoy their big day.

We started the day at Lindsay’s grandmother’s house getting ready. Then, we picked up Steve and the boys downtown (in a school bus) and set off for a tour around the city. The ceremony and reception took place at Lake of the Forest Clubhouse in Bonner Springs.

Thank you so much!!

Steve spots Lindsay for the first time through the window. : )

The PhotoSpot.

As I sink deeper and deeper into the role I have fallen in love with as a wedding photojournalist, I’m always looking for the next great moment. The PhotoSpot is what happens when you take the photographer out of the equation and give a remote trigger to your subjects. I love it!!! It’s giving people a chance to express themselves in anyway they want during the wedding reception.

I’m definitely not the first wedding photographer to do this, but I think Lindsay and Steve’s family and friends have helped me decide to keep it around. Check out the slide show below and you will see what I mean. : )

And yes, I did drive from Vail, Colorado to Kansas City with a nine foot seamless in the car. What?


Preston told me about your work, and he’s right, very impressive stuff. Love your true PJ style and thinking outside of the box. Look forward to seeing more…..

I laughed and clapped out-loud. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m speechless.

I love the photo spot! i was cracking up!!!!!

Holy Hilarious PhotoSpot!!! I want to go to this party again, over and over. Thanks for making it possible!!! You were a blast to work with Shane. Thank you so much for making the trip. We love the photos.

WOw! This is amazing. I just got to relive that fabulous night. The photo booth is totally incredible and it’s a little scary to see all I was up to that night but you got some incredible shots! Thanks for being so fun to hang out with the day too!

Shit man amazing stuff. Your photos look so professional. 😉 Seriously though Lindsay looking in the mirror and her friends behind her, the portraits all great, that guy in the beard was all about the photo spot, bride shotgunning a PBR…what!…that smells like a WPJA winner from here…oops I just jinxed. Really though beautiful work.

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