I simply adore my clients. I am forever thankful that they open up to me and reveal their true and honest selves.  This gives me a deeper purpose–to portray this side of them accurately.  It also continually drives me to want to be a better person and photographer…a never-ending cycle driven by their kindness and love.

This is a select edit taken from some weddings I’ve photographed this past year, as well as images captured while working with the talented Alante Photography and Barbie Hull.

Seattle wedding photographer shane macomber photography

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I’ve been randomly scrolling around and saw your captures! I’m not even a photographer but I find these images very beautiful and inspiring. I wish I’ll have my wedding pictures next year this gorgeous!

I really love your style. So much emotion comes across in your images.

Shane! You are a wonderful person & such an amazing photographer – these images are GORGEOUS!

Damn good year. Beautiful work.

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